The Bucket List

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What are the things you wish to accomplish before you leave this Earth? Will you truly be able to say that you lived a long and fruitful life filled with joyous memories that you can take with you in the afterlife? Did you relentlessly pursue your personal goals in hopes to achieve them? Speaking of relentless, I recently read a book titled ‘Relentless: Changing Lives By Disrupting the Educational Norm’ by Hamish Brewer. Without going into a huge summary of the book, Mr. Brewer discusses that through love, passion, and possibly going against the educational norms, we may find a silver lining in what it takes to help mold our students. I can just feel his passion pouring through every page however the last chapter really resonates with me.

In his final chapter he did not go into more educational motivating words, instead he uses the final chapter for readers to kind of self reflect on their personal lives. He stated how many people slip into unhealthy lifestyles that become unbalanced and focused on living to work rather than working to live. I am sure other authors have made the same statements I just so happened to have read this particular book. He continues by saying to not look back with regrets and wondering “what if.” To be unapologetically relentless. As I approach year 30 (I turn 30 in September) I realized that I haven’t really lived. As a school teacher, I know people assume to think we have summers off but I’m usually using that as a time to, decompress, relax at home and attend conferences to help myself become a better teacher. So far in my life I have been working to live. I feel as if I have wasted around 30% of my life already. I’m not much of a risk taker and I am extremely good at making excuses for not doing certain things. I purposefully place myself in a world of comfort. I think I have a fear of challenging myself because it may lead to failure or rejection, both in which I try to avoid. I tend to set modest, realistic goals not realizing that I am selling myself short. Ambitious goals and having a plan to reach them takes courage! Getting back up and trying again after you failed takes courage! In the book, Hamish wrote his list of things to do before he dies, his bucket list. I thought it was pretty unique for him to place this in his book for the world to see. I personally never thought of writing out my bucket list. One, because I’m only 29 and haven’t really thought about death yet and two, I don’t want to feel discouraged if others see some of my bucket list and think its not possible or that they can be easily accomplished. Some will require major planning, some will challenge me mentally. Some will be easily obtainable while others will take a well thought out plan. Some will be my career goals while some is just something I would like to do. So here we go, Jeffery’s Bucket List in no particular order what so ever:

  • Remember this is *MY* list. This list may contain things on here that millions of people have already done. Some readers of this may have already done over 90% of my list. But remember it is MY list. I’m not trying to be the first person of anything, nor attempting to write things down so far fetched that it may be humanly impossible. MY bucket list contains items that if accomplished, as small as they may be for some readers, I would have lived a long and fruitful life:
  1. Visit Amsterdam
  2. Hold and let a tarantula crawl over me
  3. learn to swim
  4. Try an 100% plant diet and document the process for 3 months
  5. Get ridiculously high in the mile high city
  6. Take a picture with J. Cole
  7. Take a picture with Kendrick Lamar
  8. Take a picture with Kanye West
  9. Have visible abs just to see what the hype is about (never had visible abs)
  10. Write a book and publish it
  11. Start a non profit
  12. Go back to my hometown and be a school administrator
  13. Become a school principal
  14. Become a superintendent
  15. Try LSD (yup)
  16. Create a podcast
  17. Take my mom on a hot air balloon (its one of her bucket list items)
  18. Let my dad see my daughter
  19. Become a motivational speaker and speak to students and teachers all across America
  20. Do a Ted Talk
  21. Learn how to operate and own a gun
  22. Attend a political rally that challenges my personal beliefs
  23. Visit Asia (like all of it)
  24. Visit London
  25. Die Debt free
  26. Build my dream house
  27. Renovate my childhood home
  28. Get braces for my teeth
  29. Buy my dream vehicle
  30. Be mentioned in someone else’s “story”
  31. Inspire a generation
  32. Try a 6 month keto diet
  33. Quit fast food
  34. Quit drinking alcohol
  35. Go to therapy
  36. See 180–185 lbs on the scale
  37. Be apart of a protest
  38. Visit all 50 states
  39. Visit South America
  40. Live in Africa for at least 3 months
  41. Get to know my dad’s side of the family
  42. Attend Lebron James’s last NBA game
  43. Attend Bronny James’s first NBA game
  44. Run a half marathon
  45. Run a full marathon
  46. Do a spartan Race
  47. Create a boys and girls club type facility in my hometown
  48. Attend my daughters wedding
  49. Attend College football championship
  50. Attend College basketball final four
  51. Attend NBA finals
  52. Attend superbowl
  53. Go to Jerry’s World (No, I have never been)
  54. Attend an Olympic event
  55. Get my Doctorate degree
  56. Learn how to cut my own hair
  57. Build a home gym
  58. Create other leaders
  59. Quit drinking alcohol
  60. Meet Obama
  61. Meet Trump
  62. Meet Joe Biden
  63. Meet Kamala Harris
  64. Start writing more
  65. Learn to accept constructive criticism
  66. Continue to step out of my comfort zone




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Jeffery Burton M.Ed

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